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Frequently asked Questions

1. How do we pay for Central Gardens?

Central Gardens accepts private pay, long term care insurance and Medicaid. If you have any questions please contact us!

2. What is included in the monthly charge?

The monthly charge covers you room, cable for your tv, beauty shop weekly/perms every 3 months, transportation, activities, meals, personal care assistance and RN assessments. A telephone in your room is a charge that is not included.

Can I keep my own doctor?

Dr. Jalal is our medical director but you can use whatever physician you would like.

3. How will I get to my doctor?

Dr. Jalal makes rounds at Central Gardens every other month. We provide transportation to medical apts as far as Cape Girardeau excluding emergencies.

4. Can I have visitors at any time?

Yes this is your home so you are allowed to have visitors anytime. There are no set visiting hours.

5. Will my medical condition prevent me from coming to Central Gardens?

To become a resident of Central Gardens you must be able to make a pathway to safety. You can use a walker, cane or wheelchair as long as you can get up without assistance of staff.

6. How will I know when to go to the beauty shop?

Our beauty shop is a licensed with a licensed cosmetologist. You will a regular time for weekly appointments with reminders if you would need them.

7. What can I bring for my room?

I encourage your room to look just like your current home. We will provide a twin bed, night stand and wardrobe if you want them. If you make it like their favorite room in their house it would be beneficial for them. Hanging pictures and bringing hobbies is helpful too. The rooms are very spacious and will hold a lot of furniture.

8. What type of training does the staff have that will be taking care of me?
All of the staff is CPR certified. There is at least one staff member at all times certified in administering medications. There is always a Registered Nurse on call for any questions that might arise.

9. Can I bath or shower when I want to or will someone help me?

Every room has their own bathroom, if you are capable to do your own shower safely then yes you can do it whenever you would like. If the staff is to assist you then we place you on a shower list with your preference of when and how often.

10. What if I want to go with my family what do I do?

You are allowed to leave as much and as often as you would like. The only thing required is to sign out on a sheet in the front office.

11. Are there any certain time I have to get up or go to bed?

There are certain times that we serve meals and we will make sure you are made aware of those times. This is your home so you can decide when you want to go to bed, we encourage you do to what you are accustom to at your previous residence.

12. Will everyone have access to my personal details?

The nursing staff will have access to your medical information but the charts are kept in a locked cabinet to ensure privacy.

13. What would I do if I had a problem or complaint?

Please tell us any problems or concerns you have because we are unable to fix it if we do not know there is a problem. We want you to feel like this is your home and make you absolutely comfortable as possible.

14. Can I use the telephone?

We have several telephones available for you to use at any time.

15. What happens if I don’t like it?

We do not have a lease to sign so if you do not like there is no penalty to leave although it takes about 6 weeks to get familiar with your new home. We work really hard to ensure that your are completely satisfied with our facility.


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